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1st Choice Ecommerce has provided us with a solution to our e-business needs. They are not only resourceful and responsible but quick to resolve any problems. I highly recommend them to any company who is looking for information systems solutions. Furthermore, I have total confidence in them and will continue to seek their advice and professional help.



We hired 1st Choice Ecommerce to develop our online store at and they did a terrific job. We knew next to nothing about the process, and they provided a turnkey service to get us online quickly and at a very reasonable cost. Most impressive is that they have always been available to answer our questions and provide tech support and changes to the site in a timely manner. Highly recommended.

James Barkshire
TriTools Partners


Traffic Building from

Why invest in Traffic Building?

More quality visitors to your site means more new customers.
Improve your search engine ranking.
Lower your advertising costs.
Reduce reliance on paid placement advertising.

How does it work?
We develop a section in your website to promote other companies/websites that your audience might also be interested in. We request return links from those companies. Visitors on link partner websites "click thru" to your website.


Your site receives new traffic from your link partners.
Your site ranks better in the search results because it appears to be more popular and trusted.

How much time before I see results?
Approximately three months. You will see a boost in traffic and some search engine ranking improvement. Things steadily improve from there.

Is it expensive?
Not at all; in fact it is a great investment when compared to traditional advertising because you will continue to have great search engine ranking long after you stop paying for our services.

How can I measure the results?
We provide you with detailed reports that show you the following:

Search engine rank for each keyword/key phrase before, during, and after the campaign.
Number of visitors before, during and after our work.
Number of links created.
List of sites linking to you.

Our strategy is to contact other websites and setup a links that send qualified visitors to your site and help improve your link popularity. We work fast and with a personal touch to maximize your results.

We provide you with bimonthly reports that allow you to measure your improved rankings and increased traffic levels. We will guarantee you links from our growing network of clients and partners. Once your links are in place they will continue to send you valuable traffic for years to come.

We also setup Google's award winning Google Analytics system on your site. Google Analytics will help you spot trends and analyze customer behavior. This sophisticated but easy to use system tells you where your business is coming from, how many visitors you receive a day, and what advertisements are and aren't performing. These statistics can be tied into your Google AdWords pay per click campaign to analyze ROI.

Will I have a massive free for all "links" page on my site?

No, we only link to and from reputable sites that will send you high quality traffic that will actually buy things from your site.

Give me an example of how link development produces higher ROI than pay per click advertising:

Pay per click advertising gets more competitive and expensive year after year; this means that you will be paying more per click next year than this year. Traffic coming from your link partners actually goes down in price the longer the link is active. Say the cost of a link is $50 and you receive just 100 click throughs a year from it; that is just $0.50 per click. Now say this link stays active for 3 years and you receive 300 total click throughs. The cost per click is just $0.16.

In reality a decent link partner is capable of sending you 5 to 10 clicks per day or up to 3,500 clicks per year. Multiply that by 3 years and you get 10,500 visitors... if the link cost $50 to setup then your cost per visitor is just $0.0047. Now compare that to the expected going rate per click in three years and you will understand why link development is a smart use of your advertising budget.

Note; these estimates do not include traffic received as a result of boosted search engine rankings.

What other expenses can I expect?

Once you have setup links it is a good idea to maintain an ongoing rapport with your link partners; sending them off an email every few months is a good idea. Combining these "check in" emails with "link upgrade" propositions is a smart way to go. A "link upgrade" is where you offer to boost the visibility of your link to the link partner in exchange for an equal boost in visibility of your link on their site. Example: Before your link was mixed in with some other related links on the link partner site; this link sent you about 150 clicks per year. Your link was upgraded by adding a photo next to your link and moving it to the top of the list; this results in three times the amount of click throughs from this site and a stronger relationship with the link partner. So the maintenance expenses are offset by improving link quality.

Where will we link to our link partners on our site?

This is different with each customer and is a very important ingredient in a successful traffic building program. Creating an area on your site that is interesting to your existing visitors and looks like a place where your link partners would actually receive some traffic from is the key.

I'd like to have a quick chat on the phone to discuss ideas for this.

How much does it all cost?

We have a setup cost of $500 to develop the strategy and implement it into your site. After that we charge by how many targets are pursued. 50 targets for $200 is $4 per target. An estimated 10% success rate gives you 5 links or roughly $40 per link. "Targets" are websites that we add to your directory/links pages and contact by email requesting a return link. It is good to start with a small amount of targets so that the people we contact feel a personal touch.

It takes approximately six weeks to get through the first 50 targets. They each receive a series of hand written emails; we do not SPAM hundreds of sites or use any bulk emailing software. The next step is to remove all sites from your directory that didn't want to participate in the link exchange and contact an additional 50 targets. We repeat this process until you reach your desired traffic and ranking levels.

Ready to get started?

Yes - Call us or email us to get started now.

No; I have some additional questions.

No; sounds too good to be true.

No; this isn't within my current budget.

Screenshots of a sample integration:

Ready to get started?

Yes - Call us or email us to get started now.

No; I have some additional questions.

No; sounds too good to be true.

No; this isn't within my current budget.



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